clever fox!

Look what our friend made for her daughter to wear to a dress up party…..[her husband apparently woke at 5am with sudden inspiration to fix the arm seam-brilliant team work huh!] Fabric a thrift store score!

worn [after lots of persuasion] by Eloise.

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toadstools made by kirsty

Queen of the crotchet stitch, Kirsty, made these amazing toadstools as a birthday gift for Beatrix…or Bea as she’s known in this house. I thought it was nice to think of a theme this year….if people asked what to get her then I said “aww we are collecting things to go with her gnomes house [which Mama and Papa and Eloise were getting Bea for her birthday] anything to go in or be part of a story she might tell would be so perfect”

The gnome’s house was built to order by a man from the local knit-for-charity store, Purple Patch. There was a similar one in the shop [but painted loads of colours and called a hobbit house].
I asked if the clever man might make Beatrix a bigger one [and leave it unpainted]. The shop lady rang him….he said yes and I drew him a rough picture.
The best part was when I spoke to the gentleman on the phone [a few weeks after I had been in the store]…he said “Oh the 21st Oct will be too soon to complete it” but the next day..THEE very next day he rings back saying “I finished it! come and pick it up” what a man!
Eloise and Papa painted the roof and oiled the front and back with Tung oil mixed with citrus turpentine.
Beatrix just loves it.

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birthday girl

This little baby, Beatrix, turned 3 on Friday….still my baby though. I still think of her as teeny because her sister is SO much bigger [she’s only 4and a half!]

She had a great day. I started a new tradition this day…..We decided [sick of trying to please everyone] that we would celebrate the girls’ birthday’s ON their actual birthday-if you can make it, great..if you can’t, maybe next year.  A few family members couldn’t come..Granny had to work, but she and Grumps drove down after work and caught the end of the celebrations…it was such a cool day and Beatrix LOVED it.

best friends

 The cake was Ginger Pound Cake [made by Glen of course]. It was apparently one of the first cakes baked in New Zealand and it was delicious.

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box of goodness

Whenever we go away we take a box of goodies for the girls’ to play with. Sometimes it’s a small [toddler size] suitcase with a few forgotten treasures to look at in the car.

The box below was to occupy them when we stayed at a motel…and occupy them it did. Helping themselves to the pots and pans in the cupboards -they made countless cups of tea and baked oodles of biscuits and rolled loads of sushi [all with a few felt balls, a few clay balls, a few marbles, a bag of walnuts and some teeny cups+dishes] the tiny Maurice Sendak books were a pretty cool change from Christopher Robin at bedtime also.

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here is some of Eloise’s treasure from our carnival …Beatrix got the same stuff, in green. It was nice to see the sweet things she chose…last year she used her tickets to buy the stuff I had made for the children’s stall [so sweet!] probably only because I had kept her from them while I was busily stitching.

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pixie hat.

I wanted a pixie hat for Eloise but couldn’t find a pattern I could follow [ie-a simple one!] ..then I realised I would just need two squares [or one long rectangle].

Squares were easier for me. I knitted in rib stitch, sewed them together, added a button at the neck [didn’t even put a buttonhole in] and voila!


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Crocheted doll by Kirsty

This sweet little doll [4 year old palm size] was made for Eloise [yes, still going on about all the cool stuff she was given for her birthday!] by our fellow kindy mama, Kirsty.  She, like me, uses no pattern. Sorry about the fuzzy photo..I had to sneak up onto Eloise’s bunk and take a quick pic while she was busy…the doll lives up on her printers tray [aka-special shelf].

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