wool singlet for christchurch

A friend is organising woolen clothing for the children of Christchurch [the temperature has dropped A LOT since the earthquake]

I dug out old woolens from our cupboards and thought I’d add to the pile with a few knitted vests [I am still trying to find a simple pattern-they are too complicated for me!] Funnily enough ‘making up’ a pattern as I go is easy…so here it is.

Glen had fun at the knitting shop, choosing wool [cool colour eh?!] and asking for large needles. I wanted to churn a vest out quickly and I figured big loose knitting was the way to go. The woman at the knitting shop wasn’t so sure, telling Glen  “tell her to watch her tension, otherwise there will be lumps!”  pfffffft! That’s what I have learnt with the old school types – don’t tell them what your plans are, they will say it can’t be done. It can be done! [although I can’t say much for the wonky photo].

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2 Responses to wool singlet for christchurch

  1. Marie says:

    Hi, I thought your little gnome and flower baby so sweet, cheers marie

  2. Haideestar says:

    Neat ! Love it , arent you a clever cookie knitting & all fancy …. superb colour choice Glen !

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