baby for jade

babyHere is a teeny baby for Jade, who is friends with Beatrix. His mum is really cool [she’s the one organising the woolens for chch]. Jade’s big sister and Beatrix’s big sister are nearly the same age [2 weeks difference -both were overdue too] they are in different classes at Kindergarten so have only said a fleeting “hello” to eachother. I am sure they will get along well so I think we will all be friends for a long time. yay.

This baby is only about a 15cm tall but hopefully the perfect size for wee Jade to grasp. My mother in law taught me about ‘knitting two together’, it made for a nice round hat [when decreasing for the back]. One day I will count my stitches and try and post a pattern on here. One day.

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2 Responses to baby for jade

  1. Haideestar says:

    I am so desperate to draw on that face with a black vivid …. naughty
    How cool would a big Knitted peg be … or tooth

    • what though? a nice big smiley face hah. i’ll admit i like eyes on a doll, but this one was so little it didn’t seem to matter..and for a small child who can make it anything he wants-perfect. I had my first experience the other day for the greatness of a steiner doll face..beatrix held up her baby [one with no face] and said “mama, he is crying can’t you see?!” so great. With the ugly plastic dolls we have, she normally just asks why it has lipstick on. love that kid.

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