my best birthday present

I turned 30 last month and a friend came all the way from Melbourne and gave me this. [admittedly she might have been on other business also but who cares right?]

This is a picture of my [then] 3 year old, Eloise. Jess painted this from a photo on facebook [and my mum says facebook is absurd!-although i do understand what she means]. People love photos of their kids, so what’s better than a painting?? If your in Melbourne, then you should check out miss Jessica Honey, she paints goooood.

I thought it was possibly the coolest present ever – and it was handmade! [with heck loads of talent thrown in] I also got a great lemon semolina cake delivered on my birthday by another friend – SPOILT! While i’m at it, Glen [my baby daddy-hehe] and the girls’ gave me an overlocker [!!] which will help me craft the many handmade gifts of the future! ..oh and while we are talking about handmade, my sister made me a make up purse [will post about this later] my oldest friend made cupcakes for my party [will add a post about this later too] and my very clever mother had pictures of my great-grandmother and grandmother, framed…..loooovely huh? There was even one picture of my grandmother, Ella, as a child in Tallin, Estonia, and she looks the spitting image of Eloise…crazy full circle of present giving. Thanks friends and family you are the best!

[sheesh i didn’t mean to go on about all the cool stuff i got, but then i got going and couldn’t stop. I guess this is all about gift giving really though isn’t it…and it’s nice that even a 30 year old can receive handmade gifts and be rapt! haha]

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