eloise’s new doll.

Eloise has been ‘looking after’ my old Steiner doll [which was made for me by my godmother-25 or so years ago!]

The doll [Sophie to me, renamed Mollie by Eloise] has threadbare skin which has made for unsightly scars down the torso+legs [so un-steiner! haha]. My Mum found a little knitted singlet that Mollie ‘had to keep on’ to keep her inn-ids IN.

A loved Waldorf doll is allowed to accompany Eloise to kindy, and because she seemed to outgrow the last two I made her [and has loved my old one to bits], I find myself making her another for her 4th birthday [more robust than the last few]- I admit the second one was pretty average.

I ordered a book for the internet to help me..but it didn’t arrive on time, so I made up the pattern and followed some instructions online –


I always find it hard getting the perfect skin colour [esp. if you want pinky/peachy/olive], so i found some old thick cotton jersey fabric at an opp shop and dyed it with tea bags. The colour wasn’t rich enough [it usually works well if it’s just for the head-but i need the whole body this time] so i dyed it with some regular old dye I got on sale once…’dawn pink’ it was perfect!

I also find the hair very daunting and since Eloise has discovered she quite likes french plaits, I was determined to give the doll some. A [very clever] friend Tonya, suggested I crotchet a skull cap to stretch over the head to make the base of the hairline. I can’t crotchet so I knitted one, in much the same way I do when I knit a hood for the other dolls. [a T shape] Except I made it tighter and stitched it down across the whole head. Then I threaded pieces of wool through the skullcap -it worked perfectly! [I can even add hair later if she loses bits/or wants more] It was so much less stressful than the last time I added hair-I painstakingly lined up wool and sewed it together with baking paper, stitched each row down, then had to stitch each loop down-blahh, it was hard.

My mum helped me distract the girls’ while in our favourite shop [where the elderly knit/sew/crotchet things for children+dolls] Purple Patch, so I could fit the doll with her new clothes. [I don’t have the patience to make clothes too! – plus I knew my luck would have to run out soon?!] – For a cool $8 i found her the perfect nightie [plus some little bloomers!].

I am so pleased with this doll and am positive Eloise will love her. I wonder what her name will be??

The best bit was that I made use of my new overlocker…it is pure genius and has helped me be rid of my sewing stresses-kind of. I think knitting a doll is still my thing, it’s much more therapeutic.

Here is Eloise meeting her new baby for the first time  >.<

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1 Response to eloise’s new doll.

  1. This doll has been ADORED by Eloise since the moment she saw her.
    She named her ‘Flower’ and has never been far from her side. x

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