story mat, made by anna.

I am going to show you some of the great handmade things Eloise was given for her birthday…we have met so many talented mama’s in the last four years, we are soooo grateful…they give me so much inspiration and are a wealth of knowledge.

This story scene was made by Anna, the first person we met when we walked in the doors on our first day at playcircle…it felt like home, and now I know why.

We were meant to have an afternoon tea party at the local gardens to celebrate Eloise’s day, but both Eloise and I had gone bananas and I couldn’t bear the thought of her around her [and my!] closest kindy friends….she had just been in a foul mood all week! 😦

My Mama, the wisest mama there is, told me to cancel the tea party “she’ll never know!” and it was true, she never really understood. When we caught up with everyone the following week , Eloise found they had all been excited about giving her belated gifts, lucky girl! x

This mat has had Eloise reinventing her own stories everyday..”sit down Bea, I’m going to tell you a story”.  The whole days adventures or misadventures are gently played out by little gnomes. She even adds,  just like Anna does at playcircle, “the story has ended, lets tuck it away and see you again another marigold day” it has been brilliant.

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