toadstools made by kirsty

Queen of the crotchet stitch, Kirsty, made these amazing toadstools as a birthday gift for Beatrix…or Bea as she’s known in this house. I thought it was nice to think of a theme this year….if people asked what to get her then I said “aww we are collecting things to go with her gnomes house [which Mama and Papa and Eloise were getting Bea for her birthday] anything to go in or be part of a story she might tell would be so perfect”

The gnome’s house was built to order by a man from the local knit-for-charity store, Purple Patch. There was a similar one in the shop [but painted loads of colours and called a hobbit house].
I asked if the clever man might make Beatrix a bigger one [and leave it unpainted]. The shop lady rang him….he said yes and I drew him a rough picture.
The best part was when I spoke to the gentleman on the phone [a few weeks after I had been in the store]…he said “Oh the 21st Oct will be too soon to complete it” but the next day..THEE very next day he rings back saying “I finished it! come and pick it up” what a man!
Eloise and Papa painted the roof and oiled the front and back with Tung oil mixed with citrus turpentine.
Beatrix just loves it.

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