felt whale, made by Dianne.

Made by Eloise’s kindy friends’ Jasmine and Jesse’s clever Mama, Dianne [with a little pattern help from their Papa I hear].

Dianne doubles as Eloise’s Homeopath [my saviour!] I was iffy about the whole Homeopathy idea [although my Mum used to give me first aid remedies as a child] and even though I loved the idea and magic of it, it wasn’t until a remedy really hit the nail on the head that I was a believer.

Although a lot of it may be hit and miss, when you get the right remedy, I believe it really is magic. It helps a lot that Dianne is not only good but she seems to have Eloise worked out.


This whale has had much love already, and even joined in nicely to Anna’s Playscape.

I still have more to show from Eloise’s birthday..but between renovating a house, kindy pick ups, preparing for another Waldorf School carnival along with two intense pre-schoolers..I have been running out of time.

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gift from kindy

Eloise’s Kindy class made her a birthday gift. The Kindergarten Manager, Carol, stitched this…How cool is that?!! Eloise was thrilled and I think it is just so special.  The box has pride of place on top of her printer’s tray and the crown hangs nearby. Even the card was made from lovely water coloured paper [no doubt made by her class mates] and inside a birthday blessing was written. So cool.

see..top right.

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story mat, made by anna.

I am going to show you some of the great handmade things Eloise was given for her birthday…we have met so many talented mama’s in the last four years, we are soooo grateful…they give me so much inspiration and are a wealth of knowledge.

This story scene was made by Anna, the first person we met when we walked in the doors on our first day at playcircle…it felt like home, and now I know why.

We were meant to have an afternoon tea party at the local gardens to celebrate Eloise’s day, but both Eloise and I had gone bananas and I couldn’t bear the thought of her around her [and my!] closest kindy friends….she had just been in a foul mood all week! 😦

My Mama, the wisest mama there is, told me to cancel the tea party “she’ll never know!” and it was true, she never really understood. When we caught up with everyone the following week , Eloise found they had all been excited about giving her belated gifts, lucky girl! x

This mat has had Eloise reinventing her own stories everyday..”sit down Bea, I’m going to tell you a story”.  The whole days adventures or misadventures are gently played out by little gnomes. She even adds,  just like Anna does at playcircle, “the story has ended, lets tuck it away and see you again another marigold day” it has been brilliant.

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easter coolness by soulemama


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eloise’s new doll.

Eloise has been ‘looking after’ my old Steiner doll [which was made for me by my godmother-25 or so years ago!]

The doll [Sophie to me, renamed Mollie by Eloise] has threadbare skin which has made for unsightly scars down the torso+legs [so un-steiner! haha]. My Mum found a little knitted singlet that Mollie ‘had to keep on’ to keep her inn-ids IN.

A loved Waldorf doll is allowed to accompany Eloise to kindy, and because she seemed to outgrow the last two I made her [and has loved my old one to bits], I find myself making her another for her 4th birthday [more robust than the last few]- I admit the second one was pretty average.

I ordered a book for the internet to help me..but it didn’t arrive on time, so I made up the pattern and followed some instructions online –


I always find it hard getting the perfect skin colour [esp. if you want pinky/peachy/olive], so i found some old thick cotton jersey fabric at an opp shop and dyed it with tea bags. The colour wasn’t rich enough [it usually works well if it’s just for the head-but i need the whole body this time] so i dyed it with some regular old dye I got on sale once…’dawn pink’ it was perfect!

I also find the hair very daunting and since Eloise has discovered she quite likes french plaits, I was determined to give the doll some. A [very clever] friend Tonya, suggested I crotchet a skull cap to stretch over the head to make the base of the hairline. I can’t crotchet so I knitted one, in much the same way I do when I knit a hood for the other dolls. [a T shape] Except I made it tighter and stitched it down across the whole head. Then I threaded pieces of wool through the skullcap -it worked perfectly! [I can even add hair later if she loses bits/or wants more] It was so much less stressful than the last time I added hair-I painstakingly lined up wool and sewed it together with baking paper, stitched each row down, then had to stitch each loop down-blahh, it was hard.

My mum helped me distract the girls’ while in our favourite shop [where the elderly knit/sew/crotchet things for children+dolls] Purple Patch, so I could fit the doll with her new clothes. [I don’t have the patience to make clothes too! – plus I knew my luck would have to run out soon?!] – For a cool $8 i found her the perfect nightie [plus some little bloomers!].

I am so pleased with this doll and am positive Eloise will love her. I wonder what her name will be??

The best bit was that I made use of my new overlocker…it is pure genius and has helped me be rid of my sewing stresses-kind of. I think knitting a doll is still my thing, it’s much more therapeutic.

Here is Eloise meeting her new baby for the first time  >.<

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my best birthday present

I turned 30 last month and a friend came all the way from Melbourne and gave me this. [admittedly she might have been on other business also but who cares right?]

This is a picture of my [then] 3 year old, Eloise. Jess painted this from a photo on facebook [and my mum says facebook is absurd!-although i do understand what she means]. People love photos of their kids, so what’s better than a painting?? If your in Melbourne, then you should check out miss Jessica Honey, she paints goooood.


I thought it was possibly the coolest present ever – and it was handmade! [with heck loads of talent thrown in] I also got a great lemon semolina cake delivered on my birthday by another friend – SPOILT! While i’m at it, Glen [my baby daddy-hehe] and the girls’ gave me an overlocker [!!] which will help me craft the many handmade gifts of the future! ..oh and while we are talking about handmade, my sister made me a make up purse [will post about this later] my oldest friend made cupcakes for my party [will add a post about this later too] and my very clever mother had pictures of my great-grandmother and grandmother, framed…..loooovely huh? There was even one picture of my grandmother, Ella, as a child in Tallin, Estonia, and she looks the spitting image of Eloise…crazy full circle of present giving. Thanks friends and family you are the best!

[sheesh i didn’t mean to go on about all the cool stuff i got, but then i got going and couldn’t stop. I guess this is all about gift giving really though isn’t it…and it’s nice that even a 30 year old can receive handmade gifts and be rapt! haha]

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baby for jade

babyHere is a teeny baby for Jade, who is friends with Beatrix. His mum is really cool [she’s the one organising the woolens for chch]. Jade’s big sister and Beatrix’s big sister are nearly the same age [2 weeks difference -both were overdue too] they are in different classes at Kindergarten so have only said a fleeting “hello” to eachother. I am sure they will get along well so I think we will all be friends for a long time. yay.

This baby is only about a 15cm tall but hopefully the perfect size for wee Jade to grasp. My mother in law taught me about ‘knitting two together’, it made for a nice round hat [when decreasing for the back]. One day I will count my stitches and try and post a pattern on here. One day.

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